Sunday, May 11, 2008

Final Assemblage - College

The theme of this project was "family"

I thought to myself "what relates to the term family?" so i wrote down a list of different things and i had this image of mom, dad, brother and sister all sitting in a living room on a couch watching TV and laughing and representing "the typical family".  This wouldn't make for a good sculpture so i figured i'd incorporate the idea of a TV as my sculpture.  In my sculpture, there are two TVs: One representing my mother, and the other is my father.  The TV with the 'male' end of the cord is my dad and the 'female socket' is mom.  this idea that one socket "fits into the other" is an idea of reproduction, creating my sister and i.  My sister is represented by a baby doll arm coming out of the female screen and I am reaching out to her from the male screen.  I added some art supplies, a football and a few of my earrings onto my TV to represent things i enjoy doing and things that relate to me, and on my sisters TV i put pearls, beads, a ribbon, a softball and a bat, and just a couple other random things such as a cell phone antenna to add some flare. There are 15 matches on the left and right sides of the female TV because my sister is 15 years old and the matches to me are sort of like.. representing life and the fact that it could go "out like a match" at any given point. At the same time a lit match is very satisfying to look at and it gives off light or a 'glow'. She's still young and she has that "glow" to her as well, thats why i put them there.  Overall I think it turned out pretty interesting.

The TV's are made out of Plaster and Vermiculite that I carved.

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Kaitlyn Bailey said...

i was looking at the art work you have posted. Its really cool i like how there are so many styles!